// X-Series

Nanophotonic chip powered by laser pulses



Access the paradigm-shifting X-Series devices — the first photonic quantum computers deployed to the cloud. Powered by laser pulses, the X-Series push the boundaries of integrated quantum nanophotonics by demonstrating generation of on-chip squeezed states (the photonic analogue of a qubit) alongside fully programmable quantum gates and photon-number resolving detectors. Learn more about the X-Series devices in our publication in Nature.

Key Features

  • Program the world’s first cloud-accessible integrated quantum nanophotonic device.
  • Perform Gaussian boson sampling with applications in chemistry and graph networks.
  • Evaluate on-chip squeezing, generating a pulse of photons analogous to a qubit.
  • Use cutting-edge detectors to accurately count photons at the end of the circuit.

Getting Started

Whether accessing X-Series devices directly through Xanadu Cloud or from your own computer, there's a wide range of options to check out:

Option 1

Dive straight into the demos on Xanadu Cloud

For beginners or those new to the X-Series devices, get set up and running in seconds with demos on Xanadu Cloud. Explore what you can do with the world's first cloud-deployed photonic device.

Option 2

Set up your own computer to submit jobs

For advanced power users who want to control world-leading quantum hardware from the comfort of their own laptop.

  • Sign in to Xanadu Cloud and provision your API key.
  • Install Strawberry Fields on your device and set up your API key using these instructions.
  • Become familiar with running programs on X-Series devices by following the demos below.
  • Use the Strawberry Fields reference documentation to gain an advanced understanding of executing photonic programs.


  • Xanadu Cloud: Monday-Thursday, 15:00:00 - 23:00:00 UTC


Access the full documentation, or read more about the hardware in our publication in Nature.