// Strawberry Fields

Software library for quantum photonic hardware

Software library for quantum photonic hardware


Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields is a full-stack Python library for constructing, simulating, and executing programs on photonic quantum computers. Design quantum algorithms and execute them directly on Xanadu's next-generation quantum hardware.

Key Features

  • Quantum hardware.
    Strawberry Fields integrates seamlessly with Xanadu Cloud, providing direct access to programmable quantum computers including the X-Series processors.
  • Built in applications.
    High-level functions for solving problems including graph and network optimization, machine learning, and chemistry.
  • World class simulators and compilers.
    Includes a suite of high-performance simulators—based on cutting edge algorithms—to compile and simulate photonic algorithms.
  • Machine learning with TensorFlow support.
    Train and optimize your quantum programs with our end-to-end differentiable TensorFlow backend.
  • Explore different photonic architectures.
    From time-domain multiplexing, to Gaussian Boson Sampling and bosonic error correction codes, explore different architectures and systems through our tutorials and demonstrations.

Getting Started

Install Strawberry Fields on your computer locally.

Once you have Strawberry Fields up and running, have a look at our quickstart guides, or jump over to the tutorials to see what you can do with Strawberry Fields.

Users interested in applications of photonic quantum computers should check out the Applications pages. Those wanting to dig deeper into the design of circuits can head to the Circuits page.

Developers can head to the Development guide to see how they can contribute to Strawberry Fields.


Take a deeper dive into quantum photonic circuit algorithms and hardware by exploring cutting-edge tutorials using Strawberry Fields and near-term quantum hardware.


Access the full documentation, or read more in our Strawberry Fields paper and our applications paper.