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Free access to hardware and more with Xanadu Cloud



Xanadu Cloud offers you free access to photonic quantum computers, software, support and educational resources.

The Free Tier gives you credits for running smaller workloads on Borealis and X-Series quantum hardware, and enables exploration for everyone. If you are looking to run larger jobs, we offer a Flexible Tier (pay-as-you-go) with our cloud partner Amazon Braket. For researchers and corporate teams looking for dedicated access packages, please reach out to learn more about Xanadu's Partner Tier.

Free Tier

Access for everyone. Sign up for your Xanadu Cloud Free Tier account and get access to Xanadu's hardware, software, educational resources including US$1000 of computing credits for starter workloads.

  • 5 million shots on Borealis quantum hardware for free.
  • 10 million shots on X-Series quantum hardware for free.
  • Unlimited access to educational resources and tutorials.
  • Community forum support.

Flexible Tier

Get more jobs and shots at a standard rate on Amazon Braket for flexible pay-as-you-go access.

  • All the benefits of Free Tier.
  • Easy access to other Amazon Braket and AWS services.
  • $100 per 1 million shots on Borealis quantum hardware.
  • Priority access, user support and training services.

Partner Tier

Dedicated access for larger workloads. Contact us to learn more.

  • Priority access to Borealis quantum hardware and dedicated workloads.
  • Unlimited access to X-Series quantum hardware.
  • Implementation support for technical/application development from Xanadu and partners.