// Entanglement Synthesizer

Deploy thousands of entangled quantum states


Entanglement Synthesizer

For the first time, Xanadu has made it possible to deploy thousands of entangled quantum states over the cloud. The on-demand Entanglement Synthesizer generates entangled states from a single squeezed light source, with fully programmable gate and measurement parameters. Entangle up to 10,000 photonic modes to generate cluster states, EPR states, GHZ states, and more.

Access to the Entanglement Synthesizer is currently only available upon request. Please reach out to get started.

Key Features

  • Cloud accessible quantum hardware, enabling generation of highly-entangled multi-mode resource states.
  • Entangle up to 10,000 photonic modes into a cluster state, and verify its non-separability.
  • Synthesize useful resource states for quantum information protocols, such as EPR states and GHZ states.
  • Reprogrammable⁠ change the parameters of the loop interferometer in just a few seconds.
  • Fully programmable homodyne measurements measure the quadrature of the photons along any axis.