// Borealis

Quantum computational advantage with 216 squeezed-state qubits



Borealis is the world's first photonic quantum computer offering full programmability over all of its gates and capable of quantum computational advantage. Now accessible to everyone over the cloud, Borealis boasts over 216 squeezed-state qubits, building on Xanadu's latest advancements in quantum photonics. Access Borealis today through Xanadu Cloud or Amazon Braket, and generate samples in a fraction of a second that would take more than 9000 years to simulate using exact methods on the most powerful supercomputer in the world. Learn more about Borealis with our blog post and our publication in Nature.

Borealis supercomputer layout

Key Features

  • Cloud accessible with quantum-computational-advantage-level performance.
  • A quantum light source, with adjustable brightness, emits trains of up to 288 squeezed-state qubits.
  • Contains a fully programmable loop-based interferometer, synthesizing a large entangled state suitable for Gaussian Boson Sampling.
  • Reprogrammable⁠ dynamically program the gate parameters according to your own task.
  • High-speed processing and readout by true photon-number-resolving detectors.

Getting Started

Option 1

Dive straight into the demos on Xanadu Cloud or start using Borealis on Amazon Braket

For beginners or those new to time-domain devices. Get set up and running in seconds with a demo on Xanadu Cloud. Be at the forefront of quantum physics by submitting workloads that would take many thousands of years to run on conventional hardware.

Option 2

Set up your own computer to submit jobs

For advanced power users who want to control world-leading quantum hardware from the comfort of their own laptop.

  • Sign in to Xanadu Cloud and provision your API key.
  • Install Strawberry Fields on your device and set up your API key.
  • Become familiar with running programs on Borealis by following the demos below.
  • Use the Strawberry Fields reference documentation to gain an advanced understanding of executing time-domain programs.


  • Xanadu Cloud: Monday-Thursday, 18:00:00 - 20:00:00 UTC
  • Amazon Braket: Monday-Friday, 15:00:00 - 17:00:00 UTC


Access the full documentation, or read more about the hardware in our publication in Nature.